Welcome to Talatí!

You have left the car in the parking and you have just crossed the door that gives entrance to the enclosure, defined by the typical stone walls in dry in whose interior is the town.

From the box office-store in front you are, already it distinguishes some of the points of interest of this important settlement: a characteristic cistern of the 19th century (the water, this element so fundamental for any human establishment) and, in the distance, a natural cave already used surely towards the final of the 2nd millennium BC.

But the most interesting things are further on, hidden among the trees that are distinguished behind this cavity:


The taula, with the pilaster of the enclosure, supported in it from immemorial time, that gives it this air so original. The great central talayot, in the high of a small mound, maybe an artificial platform. The underground chambers, with their impressive monolithic columns, crowned by capitals. And a long etc. that soon you will discover.

Don't get lost it. It's time for entering, for seeing and for peacefully walking for among the remains left by an old civilization that made of the stone an unique and original architectural and monumental use.

© Joan C. de Nicolàs i Mascaró, Ferran Lagarda i Mata, Arqueomenorca, S.L., 2003