SO NA CAÇANA (Monument 2)
Taula of the Monument 2 of So na Caçana



It is part of a monumental ensemble, probably a sanctuary, that is on the right of the highway that goes from Alaior to Cala en Porter, very near the crossing with the one that, from Maó, goes to the same creek.




Broken. Only the inferior part of the stone-support remains in situ. The stone-capital is on the floor, just beside.

The precinct that surrounds it has rectangular plan, an access door in the centre of the facade, with monolithic jambs and a step, and walls with monolithic pillars and big flagstones placed on edge.





It seems that the hypogeum that is under the Monument 3 of the monumental ensemble was dug toward the 1500 B.C. (Pretalayotic-Talayotic I), that in the 10th century B.C. the area was already occupied by a sanctuary "in full yield" and that this was losing its function from the 200 B.C. (Talayotic IV), although later on the site was used for habitation place until the 4th century A.D.


The ensemble is formed by some ten monuments, among them two precincts of "taula" (Monuments 2 and 5), a kind of square "talayot" with concave facade and apse (Monument 4) and a house (Monument 3). Some constructions are much degraded and they have not been excavated completely.

At 1 km, there is the Talayotic ensemble of "Torrellisà Vell" aand, at 3, the "necropolis of hypogeums" of "Calascoves". On the same highway, but nearer Alaior, there are the village of "Torralba d'en Salort" and the "naveta" of "Torralbet".

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