The talayotic settlement of Talatí de Dalt is situated only 4 km away from Maó next to the main road of the island. It's one of the most important sites in the Minorcan prehistory. Its closeness to the city, the easy and well signalled access, its uncommon taula and the peace of its surroundings make the place to be one of the most appreciated sites.

The village has kept some wonderful monuments and many of the remains. Some parts have been lost and not studied yet. The first monuments you can see are: two natural caves, the central talayot, the sanctuary with the taula and several rooms with columns and flagstones at the top.

The sanctuary of the taula

A deeper outlook shows us another two talayots. These are both situated in the defense wall. A part of the wall and various talayotic houses with only foundations have not yet been excavated.

Since 1997 archaeological excavations have been made by Amics del Museu de Menorca formerly and latterly by Arqueomenorca. These two societies have started the discovery of ancient life in the settlement. This was a medium size village, with a population of about a hundred people, at its best times, during the 3rd century AD.

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